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Show your support for EVF with our logo t-shirts. 

Now available in royal blue.

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EVF Logo Sticker


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Post-Traumatic God: How the Church Cares for People Who Have Been to Hell and Back by David W. Peters


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This is the handbook for how the Church offers reconciliation and hope to veterans. Post-Traumatic God chronicles the journey of Iraq War veteran David Peters from Moral Injury, Spiritual Injury, and PTSD to healing and reconciliation in the Church. The book also describes how the Episcopal Veterans Fellowship began in Texas and contains two curriculums for veterans ministry inside and outside the walls of the Church.


Death Letter: God, Sex, and War by David W. Peters


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“Everyone writes one. At least, everyone who fights in a war does.” These are the first lines of Army chaplain David W. Peters’ genre-defying book, Death Letter: God, Sex, and War. Written in the dark days immediately following his deployment to Iraq, Death Letter is part memoir, part comic lament, on his relationship with the three great subjects of our mythic imagination.


Contested Terrain by D.A. Gray


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Poetry, both writing and reading it, has always been a path to healing. Get this amazing book by Veteran-poet Dwight Gray (MFA Sewanee) and let’s continue the healing mission. 100% goes to EVF.


Thistle Farms Lip Balm

Thistle Farms offers women hope and healing through a holistic residential program, employment with one of our social enterprises, and a growing national and global network dedicated to changing a culture that allows human beings to be bought and sold. When you support Thistle Farms, you help women survivors heal.

SHIMA' of Navajoland


Soap from the Earth

Support work and employment opportunities on the Navajo Nation. Quality soaps made with the best ingredients - from the finest oils to hand-gathered native wild medicines that can only be sourced by the Navajo people. 

Like chefs, we take a few exceptional ingredients and let them shine. We start with olive and coconut oils and add shea, avocado, jojoba, calendula, pumpkin, carrot, and beautiful essential oils. We add yucca and pinion, juniper ash and aloe so you will know these soaps hail from the southwest.

We allow the soaps to cure for a month, first in loaves, and then in bars, to slowly create lather and gentleness. Our soaps are softer and more lush - enjoy and be blessed by Creation.

We hope you will find that which you have been searching - an art form, a transformation, a piece of the sacred made in the way of the Corn Pollen Path, the Beauty and Blessingway.