The Ermenfrid Penitential Podcast

A Serial by David W. Peters

Thirteen Iraq War Veterans are on a journey back to Baghdad. Each pilgrim’s tale corresponds to a mysterious medieval penitential, whose author has a story of his own.

The Dear Padre Podcast by David W. Peters

The Dear Padre Podcast

by David W. Peters

When I was an Army chaplain, my soldiers asked me all kinds of wild questions. They also called me “Padre.”

Should a Christian Get a Concealed Carry Permit? 

Padre answers this question with a story from the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

What is Going on With Relics?

Medieval monks were the endurance athletes of their day. Their bodies still had power even after their death. Learn about Cuthbert, the most popular baby name of 2018 (maybe)

Would You Ever Leave the USA? 

With Music by Wyclif Jean

Does Anyone Fast Anymore?

Perpetua, a Song

How Has the Meaning of Life Changed? 

The story of Perpetua and her companions is gristly and glorious—depending on your perspective, and the meaning you make out of it.

What about other Christians? 

John Wesley and the Strange House Knockings 

What Is Healing: The Story of Macrina