Veterans Conference


4th Annual
Central Texas 

Veterans Conference
on Moral Injury

Monday, November 12, 2018

 0900 – 1500 

Seminary of the Southwest 

Austin, TX

The Episcopal Veterans Fellowship brought you the 4th Annual Central Texas Veterans Conference for veterans and veteran caregivers. This conference equipped counselors, medical professionals, clergy, veterans’ advocates, and interested persons with an understanding of the causes of moral injury and how we can be part of the veterans’ healing journey.


0900 Opening (Knapp Auditorium)

0905 - 1010 “Risk Factors for Combat-Related Moral Injury: New Insights and Perspectives from Psychological Science” Lecture by Antonio Garcia, PHD (Knapp Auditorium)

1010-1030 Musical Interlude with Matt Williams (Knapp Auditorium)

1030 - 1120 Interview with SFC Demetrius Anderson by David Peters about the racial dynamics of moral injury. (Knapp Auditorium)

1120 - 1130 Musical Interlude with Matt Williams (Knapp Auditorium)

1130 - 1210 “Scar Value: Practical Integration” by USMC Veteran Jim Cochrun, Founder/Exec Director, Code VI Veteran Integration (Knapp Auditorium)

1215 Catered Lunch (Howell Dining Hall)

1300 - 1400 Short Presentations with Q & A (Knapp Auditorium)

1405 - 1425 Deep Listening (Knapp Auditorium)

1430 - 1500 Reconciliation Ritual and Holy Eucharist, Bishop James Magness, Vietnam Veteran (Howell Dining Hall)