The latest short film from the amazing Deidox Films. This is a glimpse of our 3rd Annual 2017 Veterans Conference on Moral Injury—an amazing event of healing and hope. Share with the Veterans in your life. God is At Work!

Hospitaller Brother Jeffrey Stevenson’s moving sermon about war, faith, and bringing our experiences to the altar on April 30, 2017 at St. James’ Episcopal Church in Warrenton, VA

Honors Our Heroes Chapters One, Two & Three

The Episcopal Diocese of Texas Bishop C. Andrew Doyle offers a prayer for Memorial Day

Never Quit March

U.S. Air Force Security Police Veteran Ken Meyer was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress in 2007. He marched 628 miles around south and central Texas to raise awareness for PTS. Meyer is a parishioner at Holy Comforter Episcopal Church in Spring, TX. Go to and for more information.

From U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs:  Support Veterans During Mental Health Awareness Month

After Ben retired from the Army because of an injury, he had nightmares and trouble sleeping. Loud noises made him nervous, and he felt on edge. His family encouraged him to seek care, and he began treatment and group therapy, which helped him manage his PTSD symptoms. He encourages other veterans to seek help from the chaplain. More videos and information at

Family Members of Veterans Share Their Stories

In this video, spouses, partners, and family members discuss the challenges the Veterans in their lives experienced and speak to their shared journey of recovery. More videos and information at