EVF Mission Brief (I’m on an antidepressant)

Dear EVF Friends,

I am happy to report I am faithfully taking a medication that helps me with anxiety and depression. During the first week of Advent I went to the VA Mental Health Clinic and told them I was ready to take this step in my journey. One of my big reasons for doing this was to get away from the other drug I had been using–alcohol. So this was my first alcohol-free holiday season in a long time, and it was my best holiday season ever. I can truly say I was happier this year than I have ever been. I’m really thankful for all the veterans who have shared their stories of recovery and treatment–especially the Vietnam veterans who blazed this trail when the VA services were less than adequate.

This weekend I preached and shared about our ministry at Trinity Midtown, Houston. I’ll be going to Puyallup, WA in a few weeks too, then the Washington National Cathedral and Ft. Bragg in February. Please pray for me to be clear about how God’s people care for veterans. Find my travel schedule here.

We’re already planning for the 2018 Moral Injury Conference. It’s going to be on the weekend of Veterans Day, so get ready!

Tactical Retreat December 2017 at Pax Christi, Brenham, TX

We had a fantastic Tactical Retreat in Brenham, TX. Thank you to Bishop Magness, who blessed us with good words of encouragement.





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