Peer-to-Peer Veterans Support Meetings

SafeAreaThe Safe Area is an outreach and support group for both active military and military veterans of any time period. The group is facilitated by peers, in the company of peers. Active military personnel and military veterans challenged by transitioning into civilian life, balancing military, civilian and family life, or integrating the experiences of military service and conflict, are invited. This circle of friends helps with transition, recovery, integration of experiences, identification of resources, and offers strength in a secure location.

The Safe Area holds meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month, from 7 – 8:30 PM on the second floor of Faith Hall, St. John’s Episcopal Church, La Porte, Texas.

Whether dealing with postwar or non-conflict-related difficulties, all are welcome in this circle of mutual friends.

Meetings are confidential and are not affiliated with the Veterans Administration or other federal, state, or local government agencies. Participants must sign an agreement to maintain confidentiality with regard to conversations shared in meetings.

Refreshments are provided by group members, volunteering in rotation. Occasionally, meals will be served by the parish. All will be welcome join in St. John’s fellowship at other times. Persons of any faith group, any belief system or none, are invited to this community space.

Wayneand JorgeWayne Norton (US Marine Corps) and Jorge Mazariegos (US Army) are trained to provide pastoral assistance through The Good Shepherding School for Lay Pastoral Ministry, based at St. John’s. All facilitators have received a certificate in Military Veteran Peer Network Basic Training, Texas Veterans Commission and the Military Veteran Peer Network.

More Support
St. John’s Episcopal Church has access to licensed mental health professionals in the event of a need for referral. In addition, the pastor of St. John’s serves as supervising chaplain of the outreach program. The Rev. Viktoria Gotting is director of The Good Shepherding School, has served for many years as a health care chaplain, and is trained in first-response, PTSD sensitivity, and post-traumatic pastoral care. All facilitators are also in the process of continuing facilitator training as provided and supported through Veteran Support Services, Gulf Coast Center.

The Safe Area and The Safe Area 2
A Mission of St. John’s Episcopal Church
815 South Broadway @ Avenue G
La Porte, Texas 77571