EVF Mission Brief (Tactical Retreat 1-2 December)

Dear EVF Friends,

I am still receiving amazing feedback from last week’s Veterans Conference. I learned so much and I’m still reflecting on what happened at the conference. Thank you for making it happen. Thank you to Vanessa Neering, Amy Sugeno, and DeSha Thomas for doing the heavy lifting to organize and strategize to offer this to the Church and world. My hope is that we can do similar conferences around the nation in the coming days. If you would like to put such a thing on in your area, please let me know. We are already in conversation with a group in Ohio to explore possibilities there.

I’ll be going on the Road in a couple of days for cross country trip to establish and encourage veterans ministry in small and large parishes. If you’re near one of these places, lets meet up! http://episcopalveteransfellowship.org/david-peters-visiting-parishesdioceses/

Our next big event is the Tactical Retreat at the Pax Christi House in Brenhem Texas on December 1-2 . We had such a good time last year and we want to do it again! Bishop James Magness will be joining us again and I cannot wait to hear from him and from the Holy Spirit. Please contact me for registration information. I think the cost will be around 80 dollars per person which includes all meals and lodging in the Monastery.

So, I hope to see you at the Tactical Retreat, especially if you are interested in being a member of the Hospitallers of St. Martin.



(It’s not a plus sign, it’s a Cross, indicating I’m giving you a Blessing! So peace and love be with you.)

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