EVF Mission Brief (Priest Pint in Salado!)

Dear EVF Friends,

I’ll be speaking in Salado on July 20th about Friendship in War. Click here for more info: Priest Pint topic “Near Beer in Baghdad: What Bad Beer Taught me about Good Relationships.”

So far I have 2 sponsors for our graduating seniors who would like a veteran mentor as they head off to Basic Training in the Military. Email me if you’re interested in serving this way. 

Many of you enjoyed the Tiny Chapel ministry. If you know of an upcoming place for the Tiny Chapel, let me know and we’ll see if we can pull it there. This is a fun ministry for all involved.

Our next Healing Service for Moral Injury will happen at St. Mark’s, Austin on August 9th. Begin to pray now about who you will bring to this.

Thank you for all you do for veterans in our community!



(It’s not a plus sign, it’s a Cross, indicating I’m giving you a Blessing! So peace and love be with you.)



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