EVF Mission Brief (No meeting in Austin this week)

Dear EVF Friends,

I’m writing this during the final days of my vacation. It’s been good to read some books and reconnect with my family. On Sunday I’ll go to Ft. Jackson, SC for two weeks of teaching at the Chaplain School. Please pray for me as I re-enter the world of the Army and also bring the good work of the EVF to the good people of South Carolina.

Next Sunday afternoon, 21 August, I’ll lead a Pilgrimage of Remembrance and Reconciliation at Trinity Cathedral in Columbia. With the leadership of Hospitaller brother John Moock, we are beginning to see a growing awareness of veterans ministry in SC. Please pray for us on Sunday afternoon, 21 August. If you know any veterans in South Carolina or the surrounding area, please let them know about this event! For more information, click here.

We will not be meeting in Austin tonight. I normally don’t like to skip meetings for the summer or holidays, because these are often the times when people need connection the most. However, tonight it seems that everyone, like me, is on vacation, so I can’t find anyone to lead. If you can be tonight’s host in Austin, call me at (512) 571-4124. Other groups have taken summer breaks or are still meeting. This means we are going to have a big Fall turnout!

Speaking of Fall, on 30 August we will have a drum circle in Austin led by USMC veteran Jim Cochrun.

Then, on 13 September, we will start our first ever art event. We have room for about 8 veterans who want to go through this 5 week series of workshops. In the workshops, there will be some writing, some painting, and other creative ways to tell our story. Please let me know if you are able to attend all 5 sessions in the Fall. They will be the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. If you would like to support this financially, please send EVF a check to:

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
2128 Barton Hills Drive
Austin, TX 78751

2nd Annual
Central Texas Veterans Conference:
Art, Dialogue, and Spirituality
November 4, 2016
9:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Seminary of the Southwest
Austin, Texas

Click here for more information.

Thanks to all of you who support EVF though your prayers, your money, and through your presence. We are a great team!

We need more people on the team. Please encourage the veterans and veteran supporters you know to get on our email distribution. They can do it directly on the website or send their email address (with their consent!) to EVF Administrator DeSha Thomas at jdesha@me.com.



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