EVF Mission Brief (Meetings all over and in Austin)

Dear EVF Friends,

All are welcome to join us on Tuesday evening at 1845 at St. David’s as we conduct a “Cape Patrol” in Downtown Austin. Just as St. Martin, the patron of veterans, cut his cape in half to warm a cold homeless person, so we will be handing out cups of water and snacks, as well as offer prayers for our homeless neighbors. We did this two weeks ago and it was a great experience for all involved. Bring snacks and a gallon or two of water. A backpack. Wear your EVF t-shirt or let me know if you don’t have one yet so I can bring one for you.

Thanks to all who came out to our Four Chaplains Commemoration last Wednesday. It was great to see you all and to share in their story.

Please pray for me as I share the mission of the EVF with the Diocese of Texas Diocesan Council in Galveston. So many folks don’t know about us, so this is a way to bring more veterans and parishes into our community. We have an awesome banner. I’ll post a pic of our booth after Lynn and I set it up.

If you’re in the Galveston area, stop by the booth!

Lots of other meetings going on around the area. We give thanks for the Georgetown/Round Rock group that finished up a four week Art Workshop with Elizabeth Decker! I can’t wait to see their work displayed.



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