EVF Mission Brief: Holy Week

Dear EVF Friends,

I wish you a blessed Holy Week. The story of Jesus’ final week, crucifixion, and resurrection is a post-traumatic reflection on the violent death of Jesus by the people who loved him most. It’s hard to lose someone, to watch them die, to see the sky go dark and all the goodness of the world with it. Even after the resurrection, the trauma lingered and colors nearly every page of the four gospels. What do we do with trauma? We do what those first four evangelists did. We tell that story and find where Jesus is in that story. Like those four evangelists, we hope for resurrection and bear witness to a story that is as hard to believe in 2017 as it was in 33 AD. This is why I wrote Post-Traumatic God–to remind the Church of how Trauma influences the foundations of our faith.

This week I’ve been on the phone with folks from several dioceses around the country talking about how their parishes can address the topic of Moral Injury. It’s so exciting to see the word getting out. Starting the Episcopal Veterans Fellowship in your diocese and parish is simple. Contact me for more info.

Here’s a way to tell your story: Elizabeth Decker is leading a fantastic retreat. You know her from the Create Your Story workshops she led in Georgetown in Austin this year. Check out the attached flyer if you want to continue to explore your story through art. Sign up before April 21st for a reduced rate.

If you’re interested in attending a Round Rock Express Game on May 7th FOR FREE contact Jim Cochrun.¬†Thanks so much to Jim and Chris for making this happen!

This week we received good news from Bishop Doyle about our Christian Community for Veterans, the Hospitallers of St. Martin. We are moving ahead with the process for canonical recognition. To that end, I’m putting a Tactical Retreat on the Calendar so we can work on the Constitution together. Putting anything on the calendar is difficult, so I’ll workshop some dates and we will proceed.

In the Peace of Jesus,



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