EVF Mission Brief: Big Announcement and Healing Service

Dear EVF Friends,

It’s taken me forever to get this email out because I’ve been scurrying around with some amazing people, planning things as well as waiting on a Big Announcement. I was hoping to by Memorial Day, but not everything had fallen into place, yet. I suppose it never does fully. I pray you had a blessed day remembering the fallen and celebrating life.

First up is the announcement that I’ve been chosen as one of this year’s ECF Fellows. The grant I’ll be getting will fund me to travel around the USA equipping churches for veterans ministry. This is going to expand the reach of EVF and bring you and me into a wider fellowship of fellow Christian veterans. So, if your parish or diocese wants me to come, let me know. I’ll be putting the Master Plan together in July-August. Truly, it is each of you who have mentored me in this journey. I hope I represent you well in this capacity.

Secondly, our first ever Healing Service for Veterans with Moral Injury is happening next Wednesday at St. Mark’s. Let me know by email or Facebook if you’re coming. I’d love to involve you in this ministry. We will have music, prayers for healing, reconciliation, and holy communion.

Thirdly, this year’s Moral Injury in Veterans Conference will happen on22 September in Austin. Mark your calendars for this amazing day!

Fourthly, this year’s Veterans Retreat in Brenham, TX will take place on 1-2 December. Bishop Magness, Vietnam Combat Veteran and former Bishop of the Armed Services will be with us. A new group of Hospitallers will take vows and a good time of healing and fellowship will be had by all.

Fifthly, as you know, a number our Episcopal Diocese of Texas teens join the military every year. We would like to match each one of these new recruits up with an “old” veteran to encourage them in their service and Faith. If you would like to be one such mentor, please email me back with your interest. The Rev. Beth Magill will be working with us on how to coordinate this, but your enthusiasm and volunteering will be appreciated!



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