EVF Mission Brief 8.22.16

Dear EVF Friends,

Yesterday afternoon Hospitaller of St. Martin Brother, John Moock, the Rev. Canon Dane Boston, and I led a Pilgrimage of Remembrance and Reconciliation at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia, SC. It was a holy event with veterans from World War II to Iraq. It was very moving to witness veterans writing down their moral injuries and seeing them burn in the incense thurible. The acrid smoke of the burning paper turned to the healing scent of incense. Frankincense is made by cutting the bark of a frankincense bush with a small knife. Sap flows out of the wound and forms a gooey resin that is collected and dried. This is the gospel in action. All healing agents flow from wounds–the wounds in the hands, feet, and side of Jesus and the wounds of veterans who have participated in war. For more pictures, please check out the EVF–South Carolina Facebook page.
The Austin group is meeting this Tuesday. Please click here for info on all the group meetings.

Workshop with Elizabeth Decker

This five week workshop is designed to Reflect, Create and Connect to Your Personal Story through writing and art. The discovery is that we are all connected through our stories of the human experience. By digging deep into your emotional tapestry of self, we are able to examine our stories through writing exercises and creative arts. The bond we create with ourselves and each other is explored by sharing and connecting to others.

Please let me know if you are able to participate in this art project. Turning our experience into art is the ancient practice of Lament. Veterans will have a chance to do this in Austin on Sep 13 and 26 (Tuesdays) and October 11 and 25, and November 1. At the end of the five sessions we will present our work at the November 4th Veterans Conference (click here for more conference information). We need you to participate. This would be worth driving some distance for, since we will not be offering it for at least another year. If you like to help financially sponsor a veteran for this project please contact me for more information.

Join us for a drum circle on 30 August at St. Marks at 7pm led by USMC veteran Jim Cochran!

Thank you for all you do for my sisters and brothers who have experienced war and the trials of homecoming. We are truly in this together.
(It’s not a plus sign, it’s a Cross, indicating I’m giving you a Blessing! So peace and love be with you)

shirts_frontshirts_backThe EVF t-shirts have arrived in South Carolina. I’ll be bringing our first order of shirts home to Austin with me on the plane on Friday. If you would like a shirt, please click here. At the present time we do not profit from these sales. All the money goes to the t-shirt manufacturer.

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