EVF Mission Brief: documentary

Greetings EVF Friends,

Our first documentary was made by Deidox Films. Check it out here–share it widely so more veterans can find healing through Jesus’ love.

I’m starting my cross-country preaching tour in two weeks. I’ll be in Harleysville, PA on October 28th and at the Cathedral in Detroit on November 12th. Please pray for me that I can make good connections with veterans and those who are with us on this healing journey. Click HERE for complete schedule.I’m pleased to announce Matt Williams, the Retired Army Chaplain, will be accompanying me for some of these stops. Check out his music about war and homecoming here.

Community First Village is home to a small number of veterans. A few of us are headed over there on November 2nd to host a lunch for them and build relationships so we can start a conversation about healing and moral injury. If you would like to contribute to this endeavor, please click here.

On November 7th a few of us will gather at the St. Martin’s window for a Eucharist to commemorate St. Martin of Tours, patron of veterans (he’s on our shirt HERE!). 7pm at St. David’s Episcopal Church. Members of the Hospitallers of St. Martin will lead this commemoration.

On November 18th we will be hosting veterans at the VET FEST at the Austin VFW. The Tiny Chapel will be there and we need folks to build spiritual connections with veterans. We’ll be there all day. Let me know if you would like to help out with this.

Our Tactical Retreat is December 1-2 in Brenhem. So far there are 4 Veterans going. Let me know (by replying to this email) if you can attend. It is always a really good time.

Finally, we now have a fantastic Patreon site up. Please consider being a sustaining member of our veterans fellowship. Click HERE for more info or to become a donor.



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