EVF Mission Brief

Dear EVF Friends,

We had a fantastic time at the 168th Council of the Diocese of Texas.

Lynn, Bob, and I personed the booth and had so many amazing conversations. We heard stories of war and homecoming, love and loss, joy and sorrow. It was so good to be there representing all you have done to build this community. Susan and Karen will have a booth at the Diocese of West Texas’ council. If you would like booth materials (flag, banner, brochures) for an event please let me know.

Our next meeting in Austin is on 14 March 1845 at St. Davids. We’ll be going out to share water, snacks, and prayer with our homeless neighbors. It’s always an adventure so please come out. Bring a gallon of water in your pack and some snacks to share. I’m working on ordering some lip balm from Thistle Farms. They do great healing work and I am learning from their ministry.

Stay tuned for other meetings and time changes. Due to Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, there may be some adjustments.

Please pray for me as I meet with all the veterans representatives from the UT University System on March 28th. General Cucolo (Ret) is working with us on starting veteran writing groups at each of their system universities. Many of you have been part of these groups and have found them to be beneficial.

Immediately following Ash Wednesday, I’ll be heading to Virginia Theological Seminary for a book signing and then I’ll be preaching at St. Andrews in Burke, VA and signing more books. I wrote this book to equip churches for veterans ministry. If you’ve read Post-Traumatic God, would you consider dropping a short review on Amazon? Click here. It will help the book move into the world.



(It’s not a plus sign, it’s a Cross, indicating I’m giving you a Blessing! So peace and love be with you.)


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