EVF Christmas Mission Brief

Dear EVF Friends,
This email is coming to you on Christmas Day because we need each other, especially this time of year when expectations for happiness are high. That’s why we’re going to meet in Austin this coming Tuesday evening (Dec. 27) at the Posse East at 1830! I’m really excited about sharing with you my experiences at the Narrative 4 storytelling event in NYC and the Chaplain Mission to support the Veterans at Standing Rock. I think both events have a huge impact in the future of EVF and the Hospitallers of St. Martin.

On February 1st, we will observe the Feast of the Four Chaplains at Grace Chapel, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Austin at 6pm. If your parish isn’t observing Four Chaplains, please come to St. Mark’s or ask your Rector to hold a service in their honor. We will have four candles on the altar representing the lives they lost as they cared for others.

We are gearing up for our Spring Retreat. If you would like to come, please email me and we can start planning a location and time.

Rumor has it that Georgetown and Round Rock Groups are beginning to plan for an Art Workshop in January/February. If you would like to participate in this, please contact me or the leaders of those groups. These are powerful and transformative workshops and we are honored to have the talented and insightful Elizabeth Decker facilitating them.

Please share news of the EVF with your rector/bishop/professor/personal trainer/broker (stock and pawn) and especially with the veterans in your life. It’s good to know that God’s people are working toward reconciliation in the veteran community. I’m glad to be part of all you do.

Two veterans who lead our Round Rock group, Warren Gillespie and Robert Hoehn, took vows to be novices in the Hospitallers of St. Martin, A New Monastic Christian Community for Veterans Ministry. Bishop James Magness blessed them in Christ Chapel at Seminary of the Southwest.

If you are interested in joining the Order, please contact me about what that involves, or visit our website here.



(It’s not a plus sign, it’s a Cross, indicating I’m giving you a Blessing! So peace and love be with you.)


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